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Boating Holiday, Summer 2005 - A Pennine Adventure

On this trip we set off from New Mills, in Derbyshire, with the intention of crossing the Pennines on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, and seeing how far we could get at a leisurely pace before we had to turn round to get back to base in time.  We had planned to use Standedge tunnel once only, returning via the Rochdale Canal, but that waterway was closed due to a collapse so we had two transits.

The 'narrow' closed in 1944, reopening for its full length of 20 miles only in 2002.  There was some spectacular scenery;  some interesting views of Hebden Bridge (our turning point, as it worked out), and on the way back, while we were delayed in Marsden, we came across the cast and crew of 'Last of the Summer Wine' recording there - look out for Cleggy.

Our cast included friends Mike & Hilda, Margaret's sister Lynda and husband Dave, and Craig, who can all be spotted in the pictures.  Seasoned first class passengers Alan & Nancy kept a lower profile when they joined us between Sowerby Bridge and Slaithwaite on the way back.

The last few pictures are from Lyme Park in Cheshire, which we managed to visit - a fine Italianate palace, but more famous for its part in the BBC's 'Pride & Prejudice' of 1995.

M & Mike @ Marple

Mill, Marple locks

Lock Cottage, Marple

Marple viaduct, view from aqueduct

Marple aqueduct

Portland Basin Museum

Mike, Dukinfield Junc.


M steering, Hilda on towpath


Standedge west portal

M in 'passenger module'


Tunnel End, Marsden

Off down to Huddersfield

Colne Valley cottages

Guillotine gate, Slaithwaite

Locomotive Bridge, Huddersfield


River Calder

Hebden Br.

Hebden Br.

Hebden Br.

Hebden Br.

Calder Valley

Tuel Lane lock

Deepest in the country at 20'

Sowerby Br. basin

Leaving the R. Calder

Titanic Mill, 1911.



Mechanics' Hall, Marsden





Lyme Park

Lyme Park

Lyme Park, Hunting Cage

Lyme Park, Hunting Cage

M & Craig, Lyme Park, Hunting Cage



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